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core strengths

A printing factory that meets international standards for quality and service

坐拥专业研发团队 打造无人能及的核心优势

Core Advantage

Comprehensive strength

CSK comprehensive strength

More than 20 years of printing production experience!

Strictly control the product quality and production schedule!

Fully mechanized automatic production line, strive for high efficiency and low cost!

Provide design, proofing, production, logisticity one-stop services, help you save money!

High quality management team!

Strong professional strength

High quality management team!
High quality customer service team, fast quotation, on time delivery! Systematic services, never miss every order placed by customers! Professional design, engineering, proofing team!

About Us


Dongpeng Printing Limited Company was established in 1995. With 23 years of experience and development, we are now an international standard printing factory. Our 2,600 square meter property is located in Qingxi town, Dongguan city, China and staffed with approximately 380 employees.

We take pride in our advanced printing equipment, which we use to provide a high standard of services for printing and packaging. Our main products include gift boxes, children’s books, instruction sheets, labels and more. Our company is customer orientated, we provide extra value to our customers on top of our printing and packing services.



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